The Govophile Monitor

What is the purpose of this blog?
I have never read of anyone who has addressed the issue; that we Americans have become a nation of “govophiles.” A govophile is a person who is in love with government, either knowingly or unknowingly. Few of us really think of ourselves as “govophiles” but, we must face the facts, most U.S. citizens are in love with government and what government can do for us. In fact, most are “madly in love” because there is little rationale for the kind of relationship we have with government. Government always lets us down, but we keep coming back. It wastes our money and enslaves us in twisted ways, but we keep holding on to the idea that sooner or later, it will treat us right. Our relationship with government is much like that of a love-sick teenage girl love-struck by a ne’er-do-well lover. No matter how badly we are treated; no matter how much of our resources are wasted; no matter how much we are disappointed, we just don’t know where else to turn. We have so much invested in this twisted relationship, we can not extricate ourselves. We’ve literally invested our lives into this relationship for our entire adult life and we can’t bear to think that we’ve been taken advantage of. But our fathers warned us of such. The founding fathers extolled warning upon warning proclaiming the dangers of becoming enthralled with government. But something has happened to our minds, we cannot see the dangers any longer. It is as if we are addicted gamblers at the roulette wheel, so far down that we can never recover, but what else can we do, for if we leave the table, we must admit that we have been duped and disrespected. This blog will serve, in a manner of speech, to throw water in the face of the drunkard. It is time to realize what we are and where we have arrived in this relationship. We must begin now to put the genie back in the bottle. We have almost past the point of no return.
This year, the federal deficit will reach 15 trillion dollars. This means we are all broke. The fancy trickster has pulled off the final hurrah, stolen our identities and raided our savings and checking accounts. Now, what are we to do? Remain in love with the con man, or hold him accountable? I say it is time to waken from the love-sick stupor. AWAKE! RISE! SEEK A RIGHTEOUS REMEDY! PUT THE CROOK IN JAIL! Or, we can continue on as many of the love-sick victims have done, cash in everything we have left, mortgage it all to the hilt, throw our children to the streets and flop around in our misery, hoping beyond hope that our lover will knock at the door with a trivial shiny gift, maybe a glittering diamond ring that will pump a throb from our mournful hearts. Yet we know even if our fantasy did happen, the ring would be a cheap fake, not purchased with honest labor, but bought through the same scam but of another trusting lover.
It is time to rise up, not in violence or anger, but in determined mindset, to seek knowledge and ask for Providential wisdom. First, we must proclaim the truth of where we have arrived and how we are to leave this path. It won’t be easy, but it must be done.
Repeat after me: I am _______ and I am a recovering govophile. I ask my founding fathers to show me the way out of this horrible addiction and co-dependency on big government.

It will be a long difficult journey. There will be many who will ridicule us, just as an alcoholic’s ex-freinds when he decides to clean his life up. But, one at a time, we must pull each other from the pit of government dependency. It is time! We simply MUST do it, for the sake of our nation, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the sake of the world. America must regain its sobriety. NOW IS THE TIME! TODAY IS THE DAY We BEGIN AND WE WILL NOT STOP. WE CANNOT STOP!


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The larger the government, the smaller the individual.
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