Your Daily Govophilic Infection Control Pill (GICP): U.S. to Spend $2.6 Million to Teach Chinese Prostitutes Proper Way to Drink

According to numerous reliable news reports, U.S. taxpayers will spend $2.6 Million to teach Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly.

Is there anything the United States can not do? No, we can easily afford to cure all the woes of the whole world!!! YEA! Enter the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a department of the National Institutes of Health which has a $32 Billion annual budget.

Released on February 1, 2010, the President’s FY 2011 budget request to Congress included a total of $32.1 billion for NIH, representing a $1 billion increase or 3.2% over 2010.  The request for NIAAA amounts to $474.6 million, a $12.5 million increase or 2.7% over 2010.

The NIAAA defends its existance this way:  “The loss of an independent NIAAA will damage NIH’s initiative on improving global health.” (So, why isn’t the National Institute of Health renamed the International Institute of Health? Could it be that the taxpayers may begin a revolt if they realized how our “national programs” are spending our tax dollars as we plunge toward the brink of national bankruptcy?) Further: “NIAAA is a leader among NIH Institutes in conducting global health initiatives.” “Foreign countries that cannot afford” (China included?) an alcohol Institute have looked to NIAAA for guidance in setting policy on the use and abuse of alcohol. A decision to abolish NIAAA would send a message to the global community that the United States devalues the effort to coordinate research and policy related to alcohol, the fifth leading cause of global death and disability.

The Govophile Monitor’s Rationale for Providing this Information: The producers of this page have come to realize that some folks have a compromised immune system that can no longer attack the nasty germs that spread govophilic infection. Certain overwhelming anti-taxpayer activities attack and weaken the anti-govophilic immune system (AGIS). In the brain of a philosophically healthy American, the AGIS is healthy and springs into action automatically when expanding government activity breeds govophilic infection, yet the AGIS is often killed off by wasteful government programs that offer smatterings of wasteful, yet tempting “government assistance” which kills off all innate individual initiative.


Edwin Mora, “U.S. Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes to Drink Responsibly on the Job,” CNS News, May 12, 2009, at (October 5, 2009).


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