Florida Losing $80 Million Annually on Passenger Rails; Votes to Spend Over $1,000,000,000 to Expand!

Report by staff writer: The Govophile Monitor, Sept.21,2010

This Rail Deal is ASTONISHING!

Is there a concerted effort to financially BREAK our NATION and our STATE?

Mike Mashman (WEBY Radio) did a good job on this one. In an interview on WEBY Radio this morning (12-18-09) Paula Dockery (Florida State Senator) opposed the Rail Deal that was recently passed by the Florida lawmakers.

Senator Dockery claims:
(1) Florida will BUY railroads from CSX for $600 MILLION DOLLARS, then
(2) Florida will allow CSX to KEEP USING the rails, further
(3) Florida will pay to upgrade the rails.
(4) Florida will likely PAY CSX to maintain the rails.
(5) Florida will assume ALL LIABILITY for the rail lines.

Paula Dockery also claims that a currently operating state operated passenger rail service (TRI-RAIL) BRINGS IN $9 Million Annually in revenue, yet costs the state $89 MILLION annually to operate!


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The larger the government, the smaller the individual.
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