Gulliver’s Troubles: How Government Strings have Imprisoned the American Economy

Gulliver’s Troubles:
How Government Strings have Imprisoned the American Economy

In Florida a widow has boarded up the access to her home because she can not afford to pay a contractor to replace a rotted front door. The permit costs almost as much as the materials.
A family needs to replace an aged an inefficient septic system, but the permit costs $600.
Another family needs to do the same, but the locally franchised sewer disposal utility will not allow a septic system to be repaired or replaced, even though they do not
have sewer service available on the street. Result: a private sewer pipe must be run around the block, down an adjacent street and a private pump installed to gring and
pump the sewerage to the public system on a main road. The cost could run up to $20,000. The family lives in a mobile home purchased for $12,000.
A company wants to place a new restaurant in a growing community. The local water/sewerage utility demands a $100,000 “impact fee.”
Across America, permits, regulations and fees are killing the economy, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Hidden taxes and the bureaucratic structures required to extract
the taxes are chocking industrious Americans to the point of resignation.

Here is an example; Florida’s Alternative Fuels Tax
A person operating an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) must purchase an annual decal from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles instead of paying the excise tax on
gasoline. Fueling stations are not allowed to fuel a vehicle with propane or compressed natural gas that does not display the proper decal. State and local government
AFV fleets are exempt from paying the decal fee. In addition to the state alternative fuel fee, a person fueling a vehicle from their own facility is required to pay a local
alternative fuel fee instead of each cent of excise tax a county levies. (Reference Florida Statutes 206.877)


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