Loss of Sovereignty: How the United States has Shredded Its Constitution and Subscribed to United Nations Rulership

Stanley Ann Dunham Obama worked for the Ford Foundation developing a system to provide “micro loans” to women in Indonesia.
The Ford Foundation is currently active in advancing “sustainable development” initiatives with the United Nations.
Timothy Gietner is Barack Obama’s Secretary of the treasury. Gietner’s father also worked for the Ford Foundation with Ann Dunham Obama.
The initiatives of Agenda 21 match very closely with the initiatives of the Obama administration.
Wealth Redistribution as a form of reparations for the world’s poor from the economically advanced countries.

“Investing in infrastructure,” but not as is commonly conceived.
Borders open for immigrants into the U.S.A.
Universal healthcare.
Reducing America’s economic opportunities while advancing that of other nations (closing and restricting of oil drilling in U.S.A while rewarding foreign drillers. Rewarding Petrobras (the pro-sustainable development Brazilian company funded largely by George Soros.)
94.1 Billion dollars of stimulus funds (from US ARRA) to “Green Fund” Economy Initiative (Green Economy Initiative UNEP Nick Bertrand report 2009)
2010 Budget 4.9 billion dollars to “Green Fund” (UNEP report Bertrand)

11 billion $ ARRA funds to “renewable projects”, 4.3 billion to homeowner conservation, clunker fund to destroy older cars, 4.5 billion “smart grid”, 13 billion wind projects, 3.2 billion to electric vehicle research, 6.5 billion to power lines for wind and solar, 8.5-13 billion to “discouraging driving” bus, train lines, 15-24 billion to upgrade federal buildings and private homes (FEMA, etc.)
Emergency Economic Stimulation Act 18.2 billion dollars to Green Fund
G20 summit and G8 summit on the Green Economy 2009 quotes: “make the best possible use of investment funded by fiscal stimulus programmes towards the goal of building a resilient, sustainable and green recovery” (UNEP report, Bertrand, 2009).
A Global Green New Deal (Bertrand 2009)

Cutting use of cars, increasing public transportation including bus and rails.

Federal DOT funding for walking, biking trails across U.S.

Obama against use of coal.

(IUCN.org transition to sustainability):

Decrease the number of car miles by half

Replace 1400 coal electric plants with natural gas-powered plants.

Increase ethanol production by 50 times using 1/6 of world croplands.

Sustainablecommunities.gov website, Partnership for Sustainable Communities partner HUD, DOT, EPA began June 2009, celebrated two year anniversary June 16, 2011. EPA press release: EPA, HUD DOT mark PSD second anniversary.

October 2010 PR: HUD and DOT award $68 million to Create Sustainable Living Communities

DOT PR: LaHood announces more than 70 innovative Transportation Projects funded under TIGER II

PR: EPA to Provide Technical Assistance on Sustainable Growth and Development

PRHUD awards 100 million to promote Smarter and Sustainable Planning for Jobs and Economic Growth

July 15, 2010: White House hosted online chat to discuss progress of Partnership for Sustainable Communities

Shelley Poticha, Director, Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities at HUD, Tim Torma, Office of Sustainable Communities at EPA

July 9, 2010: HUD EPA and EPA post an update on the PSC on the White House blog.

Website:epa.gov/smart growth/partnership/index.html

October 2010, HUD awarded $100 million to support metropolitan and multijurisdictional planning efforts that integrate housing, land use, economic and workforce development, transportation and infrastructure investments HUD DOT EPA screened grant applicants seeking populations such as low-income, minorities, limited English, youth, seniors, disabled, communities in economic distress. Terms include social equity, public health, environmental protection, climate change, environmental justice, equitable development, sustainable communities.

Annual Equitable Development Workshops/ New Partners for Smart Growth Conference by HUD EPA DOT (www,new partners.org)..

Joint DOT TIGER II HUD Grants: 68 million $28 million in transportation planning, $40 million for local planning that integrates transportation, housing and economic development (Agenda Goals)

EPA Office of Environmental justice

EPA Office of Sustainable communities

DOT Livability Page

HUD Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities created Feb 2010 funded for first time by Congress 2010 to “help urban suburban, and rural areas to build more sustainable communities.

Feb. 2010 $1.5 billion in DOT TIGER grants funded by ARRA, $600 million for second round of grants.

FTA and HUD help planners with an action guide to implement mixed income, transit-oriented development www.fta.dot.gov

EPA Urban Waters Initiatives: EPA HUD and DOT Targeted Watersheds Grants.

April 2010: DOT funds $150 million for “bus livability projects” $130 million to “foster walkable, mixed use redevelopment.

IUCN Future of Sustainability Initiative 2008: “Sustainability also needs to be made a fundamental part of the work of all government departments”…there is a danger that handing the sustainability agenda over to ministers in these departments will bury it. One possible solution is being tried in France. A “super” ministry covering ecology, sustainable development and spatial planning was launched in 2007… That drew together all major French stakeholders in the field of economy, society and environment to design a vision for environment and development in France for the coming decades.”p.90

Since the Second World War, a dense and expensive network of international organizations has grown up around the United Nations and resulted in a succession of environmental conventions, particularly the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on biological diversity (UN CBD). The Convention (CBD) was opened for signature at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on 5 June 1992 and entered into force on 29 December 1993.The objective of CBD is to develop national strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. It is often seen as the key document regarding sustainable development. The US has signed, but not ratified the treaty. (Wikipedia)








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