Well, what could possibly be cut? We often hear that when any federal expenditures are criticized. The federal deficit now hovers around $15 trillion (that’s $15,000,000,000,000). That is 15 thousand times one billion, or in terms of millions, 15 thousand times a thousand times a million ($15,000 x 1000 x 1,000,000).

In other words, we now have a debt burden in the neighborhood of $50,000 of debt per person, or $200,000 for a family of four. This may actually be a low estimate. Additionally, when unfunded “promises” such as future social programs are calculated, the estimates range into the quarter to half million dollars per person range. Considering the size of the world economy, the world will not be able to fund American debt if spending continues at current rates, even if the other nations were never to cut off the American borrowers. But they will cut America off, they must, for their own survival. America can reverse course without default, but does it have the will and courage to do so? So folks think that America is being sold out, that the economy is being driven to bankruptcy on purpose, and they can make a good case. Americans are being forced into a role that will result in them being held in contempt by the rest of the world’s populations if nothing changes. Is that the plan of some of America’s leaders? Let’s hope not.

Recurring news reports such as the Solyndra debacle, wherein taxpayer dollars in the amount of $535 million landed in private hands seem to be everyday occurrences. The fraud, waste, over spending and abuse is mind-numbing. At the same time, we have fellows such as Bill Clinton complaining that for the last 30 years Americans have outrageously engaged in criticizing the federal government in a manner never done in known human history. According to Bill, we should just shut up and appreciate what the federal government is trying to do for us, not complain about what the federal government is doing to us…Anyone study the propaganda methods of the old, defunct U.S.S.R?

What the Federal Government Spends, estimated in some cases, derived from online information of department websites and Wikipedia.com:

EPA: The FY 2012 budget proposal of $8.973 billion represents about a 13 percent decrease from the FY 2010 budget of $10.3 billion.

DOT: Total DOT Budgetary Resources: 2007=$79.2 Billion  2008=$71.4 Billion  2009=$119.5 Billion  2010=$73.2 Billion   DOT Budget Outlays: 2007= $64.9 Billion     2008=$71.8 Billion    2009=$79.7 Billion    2010=$90.5 Billion

HUD: Housing and Urban Development     TOTAL, HUD Discretionary Amount (Net) 2009= $40.5 Billion   2010= $43.7 Billion

DOD: Department of Defense Budget – 2010=$690 Billion   2011=$700 Billion

These departments, for the most part are agents for carrying out the President’s agenda. Much of the time, that agenda may not give much priority to preserving the sovereignty of the United States. By trimming these grossly bloated departments, the Presidential/Congressional balance of power is restored to a more appropriate level as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

Interest Payment on the Federal debt, 2010: $200 Billion.

Other departments, Education, etc. have huge budgets. Simply put, education funding should be done by the individual states which are mandated to produce balanced annual budgets. Created by the Department of Education Organization Act and signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979, it began operating on May 16, 1980. The problem is, the federal government wants to control local education so it can force its own agenda on each individual family and neighborhood. Under President George W. Bush the Department’s budget increased by $14B between 2002 and 2004, from $46B to $60B. For 2006, the ED discretionary budget was $56 billion. As of 2011, the discretionary budget is $69.9 billion

No “civil servant” in the Federal Department of Education actually educates any American child, even though $70,000,000,000 is spent annually by the department on “education.”

Let no one fool you, there is plenty of room to cut across the board at the federal level and still provide the essential services needed for a prosperous nation. In some cases, entire departments should be eliminated with the few vital duties remaining incorporated into other departments.

Balance the budget? Easy…Warren Buffet offers a unique method: Pass a “balanced budget amendment” that disqualifies all sitting members of Congress (I might add the President) from re-election any time the federal deficit surpasses 3% of GDP. Three percent of GDP may not be the best criteria, but the general method seems appropriate. 
















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