The Core Causes of U.S. Decline: Economy, Foreign Policy, Domestic Culture, Immigration Policy and Sovereignty

Because these United States have abandoned their own core values once established by the Founders, we are facing cultural, moral and economic upheaval and reaping a harvest of bad will among the world’s nations.

These five issues are at the core of U.S. decline:

Economic Policy
Foreign Policy
Cultural Decline
Border and Immigration Policy
Rise of Global Governance and decline of U.S. Sovereignty 

The one central driver of the decay in these five sectors is an explosive growth of a centralized (federal) government which lives by increasing indebtedness. A return to the republican principles regarding federal versus state power is needed.
Foreign policy: The U.S. is now maintaining over 800 military bases in 150 nations around the globe. $700 Billion is budgeted in defense spending alone to maintain the current foreign policy, let alone the budgets of the State department, foreign aid and other entities. The U.S. is now engaged in a military struggle in multiple countries, without a single Congressional Declaration of War, in which over 1.5 billion people are at least inclined to sympathize with the enemy’s ultimate goals and these populations may be more committed to their own cause than the Japanese were in World War II. Peace through restrained strength and out-performing economically at home while encouraging private sector benevolence abroad is a better course of action than engaging in active, destructive, yet limited military scrimaging around the globe. Historically, military forces have never made good international ambassadors for extended periods, and are most expensive. 

Culture: Federally funded programs in the name of “social change” have been effective: Society has changed; but not for the better. The federal government took over the grassroots civil rights movements in America that were so effective, professing that the individual citizens have no moral compass and exploited the issues for its own cause; That is, to gain power and wealth, bureaucracy and progressively increasing taxation. The demise of domestic tranquility and the abolition of a great prosperous middle class has been the result. It is not too late. The process can be reversed by choking the cause, which is an unconstituional expansive central government.

Economic Policy: Balance budget Amendment Action initiated and continued without relenting until passed. Dedicated full-time staff member to this objective. Forced compliance with overwhelming taxation and control policies, overwhelming, confiscatory and confusing regulation environment, Unfair, unequal and slanted litigation and liable environment. Answer: Cut federal spending, reduce tax burden, simplify taxation system, eliminate, restructure and consolidate, yielding only the most necessary regulatory agencies. (Example: Eliminate the Department of Energy, replacing  with one office located in the White House under auspices of the State Department; Eliminate EPA, replace with much smaller Environmental Solutions Office, devoid of overwhelming regulatory powers.)  Litigation and Liable Reform structured by unfunded citizen’s and business panels and oversight, streamline mediation process eliminating most of lawyer sponsored actions.

U.S. Sovereignty: Constitutional Amendment Process to require majority of states oversight in international treaties, adding House of representative approval. Safeguards to re-establish supremacy of U.S. Constitution. Remove federal funding of Global Governance organizations.

Immigration Policy: Control flow of criminal elements and agents of foreign nations. Policy to allow road to citizenship for productive immigrants who have lived 50% of their lives in the U.S., but in no case, less than five years and otherwise (aside from immigration) have abided by all laws. Reestablish control of borders, set standards for control and impose penalties for officials who neglect duties.


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The larger the government, the smaller the individual.
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