USAID gives $12 Million in Foreign Aid to China? Sorry, But I’ve Got to Rant Now!

Obama Quote: “Let’s move beyond the old, narrow debate over how much money we’re spending…”

Just read this on US News and World Report:
Politicians ‘Insulted’ by Foreign Aid to China

  • USAID has 8000 employees, gives away $11 billion annually and is going to give $12 million dollars this year to China? No wonder we are broke! Did China demand this to not foreclose on the U.S.???
  • Every American who pays federal taxes should be insulted and enraged!
  • U.S. politicians have spent like crazy people until we now owe $15,000,000,000,000 in federal debt.
  • Our Social Security funds are distressingly insufficient while the American populace ages and U.S. politicians needlessly throw millions around in thousands of different ways annually?
  • Politicians have devalued our money until it only buys a fraction of what it did a few years ago, and they have pillaged our treasury to dump billions in the laps of their crony corporate supporters.
  • Obama has gone crazy with this Agenda 21 “green economy” climate change, social equality nonsense.
  • USAID is a front agency to take sovereign U.S. tax dollars and fund a global government that redistributes U.S. wealth and eliminates the personal assets and liberties of the citizenry.
  •  USAID proudly spends our money in support of United Nations “Millennium Development Goals (p.18, 2010 USAID financial report) Maybe Raul Castro could run our country better (maybe he is?)
  • Remember Solyndra and other skimming scams? One upon another without ceasing: General Electric, etc.
  • When interest rates rise, just the interest payments on the federal debt will likely exceed $500 billion annually. Are you kidding me!!!
  • We owe China massive amounts already, and they have declared economic war on us.
  • China is drilling for oil off our own coast, thanks in part to our alienation of Cuba for 50 years!! Not a dime for reconciliation with Cuba, but millions a year to China???
  • Obama has shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and his billionaire crony Soros is using those drilling rigs for Petrobras drilling, making Brazil wealthy. Jobs lost in USA, jobs created in Brazil.
  • Obama shut down the oil pipeline construction from Canada to the U.S. – that oil pipeline now may go to the Pacific Canadian coast to be shipped to China!
  • Systematic destruction of our nation: balancing the playing field, social justice, whatever! The result will be worldwide depression and famine after the U.S. is liquidated. Then the global elites get what they want!
  • What loco weed are they smoking up there in D.C??? We have got to get out of debt, but these morons are spending us deeper with their “give it all away” mentality.
  • Obama Quote: “Let’s move beyond the old, narrow debate over how much money we’re spending and let’s instead focus on results—whether we’re actually making improvements in people’s lives. ”
    – President Barack Obama,
    speaking to the U. N. General
    Assembly, September 2010.
  • Ease Up, Obama! Whoa, Nellie! You have the Nobel Prize Already!
  • You are NOT improving Americans’ lives, Mister Obama!! The world will not be a better place without the United States as we knew it.

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The larger the government, the smaller the individual.
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