Affecting Population Growth Rates: Obama U.S. Policies Mimick Agenda 21, World Bank Prescriptions

With the U.S. now $15 Trillion in debt, can the nation afford the idealism of the United Nations?

  • Consider these Obama Policies:
  • Greater access to primary health care and family planning services.
  • Free college education, especially for girls and women.
  • Obama Care national health care program, extended unemployment payments, increase spending on elderly programs.

Now consider these social theories as stated by the World bank:
Strategies for change: Affecting population growth rates

Parents tend to have larger families when they fear that many of their babies may die, when they need laborers to work on the family farm or business, when they want to ensure that they themselves will be cared for in their old age, and when they lack access to education and to family planning if they want it.

Experience shows that three of the most successful strategies to reduce fertility rates are to ensure that people 1) have greater access to primary health care and family planning services, 2) receive a basic education, especially girls and women, and 3) have government services that help protect them when they are sick, old or unemployed.



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