National Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils, White House Rural Council: United Nations Agenda 21 at Work?

source: in Fiscal Year 2010

The White House Rural Council is an Executive Branch entity that consists of only high level Administration officials (such as Energy Secretary, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Agriculture, etc.). At this time, no members are from outside of the Administration’s highest level appointees. The Council will work to enhance and promote public-private partnerships across Rural America. The NARC&DC will work to ensure that the RC&D Program and RC&D Councils are known entities with an established track record of project implementation through an effective public-private partnership.

A few of the many RC&D accomplishments in FY2010:
■808 new businesses were created;
■6,199 businesses were expanded or retained;
■5,929 jobs were created and 6,398 retained;
■Improvements were made on 2,800,000 acres of wildlife habitat, 169,000 acres of lakes and other water bodies, and 7,182 miles of streams;
■1,140,000 people acquired new knowledge or skills;
■2,200,000 economically or socially disadvantaged people were helped nationwide;
■Formation of 135 cooperatives was facilitated;
■Agri-tourism activities were developed on 1,182 farm or ranch operations;
■849 farms or ranches were assisted through direct farm-to-consumer marketing – community supported agriculture groups, restaurants, stores, or farmers markets;
■6,276 instances of Tribal Nations served;
■Over 2,100,000 acres of agricultural land were preserved or protected;
■Water quality projects at 1,649 animal agricultural operations were assisted;
■Construction or rehabilitation of 413 flood control structures;
■Over 3,963 workshops, tours, and seminars were conducted on agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, and wildlife issues;
■Over 4,837 training sessions on leadership development, grant writing, business development, non-profit management and environmental education were held; and
■RC&D Councils in twenty states implemented renewable energy projects, including biofuels from soybeans, ethanol production from corn, and energy production from other biomass, solar, water, and wind sources.
More than 4,738 projects that focus on the goals of the RC&D program were completed in FY 2010. More than 7,472 projects will continue in FY 2011. Since 1964, RC&D Councils have completed over 100,000 projects.

In FY10, RC&D Councils were able to raise an average of $6.93 in funding (from private foundations and government grants) for every $1.00 provided by Congress.


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