How much national debt is too much? Are most of our elected officials preserving our nation or are they doing more to destroy it? This blog is authored by a Father, Grandfather, Teacher, Student and American Citizen concerned with the state of our nation and its citizenry. The professional politicians of both major political parties have run roughshod over the American people and must be reigned in. The greatest threat to our nation at this point is deficit spending and increasing taxation. Other serious threats include the failure of our politicians to control immigration and the dialution of American culture. Politicians are content to rule over the ignorant and needy so long as they retain power. The American people must awake from their slumber and act before America is lost forever. Now is the time for action. This blog will seek to enlighten and motivate the American people to save our nation, no other force can or will preserve our union. God bless America. Eliminate the Federal Deficit Eliminate Pensions for politicians Control Borders and Immigration Reform Foreign Policy Restore the American Enterprise System and the American Manufacturing Sector Change the American Entitlement Mentality American Values and Exceptionality Care for All, Provide Aid When Possible, but above all, do no Harm to the Poor, Sick and Oppressed of the World. For everything there is a season, there are times when the U.S.A. must not be the do-all, be-all and end-all.


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